• Murals

    Murals are a novel way of stamping your personality on your home. They are perfect for brightening children's bedrooms, or as conversation pieces in otherwise plain rooms on large expanses of wall area - stairways, hallways, above fireplaces, etc.

Welcome to the portfolio of Sammy Baguley, an accomplished portrait artist immortalising your
beloved pets and peopleSammy Baguley

  • Portraits

    A portrait is a beautiful, individual and enduring way to capture a loved one, or a favourite pet. It can make a uniquely personal gift, be handed down through generations, or move with you wherever life takes you.

  • Tattoos

    A tattoo is a visual and eternal interpretation of what you believe in and what you love. The beauty of having a bespoke tattoo design is that you will never come across anyone else with the same tattoo as the design process is as individual as you are - no two are the same.

  • Caricatures

    Caricatures aren't everybody's cup of tea - many people who see themselves as a caricature think it looks nothing like them, until everybody who knows them tells them otherwise!