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Same Sky, #2

Fr the second day of a brand new project, today’s picture was a bit….tricky. The sky – the central theme of the whole thing – has been that bland, non-descript grey which is devoid of all interest or attraction. It … more

Same Sky #1

Today is the first day of my new project. Over the course of the next year, I’m hoping to raise awareness of myself, and of my work, but more importantly, of the issues that affect other people around the world. … more

Fresh Ideas….

It’s been a while since I blogged, so I thought I’d better get back on it with some new ideas! Before Christmas I was working flat out – a couple of nights I worked till 1am after my son had … more

Christmas here we come…

Well, a busy but soggy summer has been & gone, and suddenly Christmas is in my sights! Thanks to some great commissions from the Cheshire Show & the RHS show at Tatton, plus a variety of commissions from friends, I’m … more

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I’m gearing up now for the busiest couple of months I’ve ever had, and keeping everything crossed that the torrential rain stops soon. I’ve booked a trade stand space at the Cheshire Show, Tabley Showground (19th & 20th June), but … more

Everything changes

Wow, this year is really flying past!! Still too cold though Seem to permanently have the electric heater on in my little studio. Yes, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and moved to new premises. I was working from home since … more

The Eyes Have It

Aside from working on a large triple portrait for a private commission – which I can’t reveal yet as it’s for a birthday gift later in the year – I’ve just finished a picture I’m quite pleased with of Amy … more

January Blues

I’ll be honest, I’m struggling this week! Full of woman flu, watching the rain hammering the windows, and with the heating on full blast, I’m contemplating leaving it all behind and running away to sunnier climes. January is always quiet, … more

Full-steam ahead for 2012

Happy New Year, everybody! New year, new blog. New Year’s resolution: to keep the blog more up to date! Just spent second morning back at work having a huge clear out and tidy up of my office/studio – feel like … more

Frantic Festivities!

Eeek!! Not long till the Big Day, and still too much work to be done! I’m not complaining about being busy, you understand – just about my inability to multi-task in anything approaching an orderly fashion! You’d think I’d have … more