Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I commission you to paint a portrait of my child or pet, how do you do it?

A: I’ll either use your photos to work from, or I can take my own. I have several digital cameras to work with, and can come and take as many shots as are needed.

In order for me to use your photos, they will have to be clear, close-up shots of the subject, and I usually need a minimum of two to work from so that I can get a good idea of what the subject looks like, particularly if I’m not actually going to meet them.

You can email the photos to me, and I print them out. Even if you supply me with your own photos, I will scan & copy them and use the printouts to work from in order to avoid damaging the originals.

Q: How long will it take?

A: That depends on how much other work I have on at the time. If the commission is a gift for a specific date, i.e. wedding or birthday, I recommend you allow 6-8 weeks where possible.

This particularly applies to Christmas presents – the earlier, the better! Christmas is obviously a very busy time so the sooner you can commission the work you want, the more likely you are to have it wrapped and ready by 25th December!

Q: Do your paintings come framed?

A: This is entirely up to you. Generally, I just supply the painting itself and leave the framing to the customer as many people like to be able to chose the frame finish themselves.

However, I can supply the piece framed if required. Sometimes people don’t have any particular feelings about the framing and just want to see the painting as a ‘finished’ piece and ready to hang, or they don’t have the time to get to a framers. I simply use the services of a local framer, and pass the invoice on to my client. However, I don’t get discounts from the framers, so it’s purely a question of convenience whether I do it or you do.

Q: How does the tattoo design service work?

A: There’s a lot of communication involved in tattoo designing. Initially, we’d start with a chat about your requirements – size, location, any constraints or other thoughts you have. If you have any images of tattoos you like or of images you want in your design, email them to me and I’ll start to come up with a few ideas and sketches. This can all be done by email, and it can take a few ‘goes’ till we’re on the same wavelength, but once we’ve selected the themes, design or image that you’re happy with, I’ll draw up the final design.

The beauty of an individual tattoo design is that, provided you allow enough time before you actually get the tattoo, we can make any little alterations until you’re completely happy. It’s something you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life, so there’s no point rushing it. It helps to live with the design for a few weeks, even though it’s only on a piece of paper, just in case you think of something that needs changing, or adding.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Unfortunately it’s very difficult to be specific about costs as all commissions are different. Tattoo design is particularly difficult to quantify as it depends how much time and work is involved, and of course on the size of the tattoo you want.

As a very rough guide, pet & children’s portraits start from around £200 for a small pencil portrait.

Mural paintings are obviously dependant on the size and number of walls, but as a guide, the Winnie the Pooh nursery series which is shown on this website would cost around £395.

Q: How do I commission you to do a piece of work for me?

A: Email me, at; ring me on 07795 806 887; or contact me through Twitter: @sammybaguleyart.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.

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