Everything changes

Wow, this year is really flying past!! Still too cold though :( Seem to permanently have the electric heater on in my little studio.

Yes, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and moved to new premises. I was working from home since 2010, but constantly struggling with low productivity levels and frustration. The ironing was always calling me, or the lawn to be mown or the bathroom to be cleaned, or I’d sit down with ‘Loose Women’ at lunchtime and still be there an hour later.

So, I decided the only way to tackle this was to find somewhere to work away from home. I now have a more structured working day, feel like I’m actually leaving the house as other people do to go to work, and it’s nice to get home in the evening. It’s only 5 mins away, which is handy because at the moment I’m constantly forgetting things! There’s no internet connection, and no phone line, so few distractions – just me, a radio, and my art :)

Consequently, I’ve had a rush of productivity and am steaming ahead with my plans for global domination. I’m currently in the process of applying for trade stands at the CLA Game Fair in July, and Burghley Horse Trials in September. I already a have space at the Cheshire Show in June, so once all those dates are confirmed, I’ll post exact dates and locations. Monday I have an appointment with a print solutions company in Chester, so that they can hopefully help me put on a professional-looking tradestand, as the shows are my only planned form of advertising for this year.

Next up today, it’s finishing off an inky picture of George Best (photos to follow soon) and working on a range of greetings cards I want to design. No rest for the wicked!!

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