January Blues

I’ll be honest, I’m struggling this week! Full of woman flu, watching the rain hammering the windows, and with the heating on full blast, I’m contemplating leaving it all behind and running away to sunnier climes. January is always quiet, after the hectic rush to get Christmas present commissions done in December, everything falls a bit flat at the start of the new year.

So this is the time when I start to plan the marketing for the year ahead, and try to get my name out into the big wide world! Not always easy for someone like me who would never say boo to a goose. I also find it difficult to fulfill the number one marketing rule these days, which is to create a ‘brand’; I don’t consider myself to have a particularly recognisable style of painting – I get bored doing the same thing every time, and like to try as many different styles and mediums as possible. I find that the subject dictates what medium and style I use, and I love attempting new techniques.

For instance, I’ve seen a beautiful photo image of Amy Winehouse, sitting in a black 50s style skirt and blouse, which screams ‘John Singer Sargent’ at me. I would make it a huge canvas portrait, in oils, but I know that it would be a one-off, and probably not marketable as an image, so I’m trying to come up with something more along the pop art route, which I can maybe transfer to prints and t-shirts.

Ah well, back to the grindstone! Rome wasn’t built in a day *sighs*…..

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