The Eyes Have It

Aside from working on a large triple portrait for a private commission – which I can’t reveal yet as it’s for a birthday gift later in the year – I’ve just finished a picture I’m quite pleased with of Amy Winehouse’s eyes.

Following my first ‘go’ painting with inks late last year, which I really enjoyed, I was inspired to try another piece by looking at photos of Amy. She had such an unusually iconic look that I knew she’d be instantly recognisable by her eyes alone, so decided to centre the picture around them. Stretching the paper and prepping and scaling the drawing from photos was the time-consuming part – once I got to the ink, it was the fun bit! I work quickly with them, as they have to be still wet in order to merge colours together and make the beautiful patterns. Waiting for it to dry so you can see if it still looks as good is the nerve-wracking part!

I’m thinking of making it into a series of pictures of famous people’s eyes – Michael Jackson, George Best, The Beatles, etc – and getting them made into limited edition prints to sell via the website and tradestand.

Watch this space!

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