25th November, 2014

Well, as usual, my time-keeping has gone to pot. One week in, and I’m already a day late writing the blog! Anybody who’s ever worked with me will be nodding in an ‘I-told-you-so’ kinda way, looking smug; when I worked in an office, my friend started fining me 20p every time I was 5 mins late for work – I think one year I funded the Christmas night out…

The only thing I’m not late with is deadlines for clients, and as Christmas comes hurtling towards us once more, I’m hard at work trying to finish the two commissions I have left to do before my son finishes school on Dec 17th. I’ve also committed to two local Christmas fairs, so every evening I’m making jewellery and bespoke name plaques, ordering materials off eBay, and ordering notecards and other small printables to sell on the stalls. I’m actually quite excited and it’s nice to do something other than drawing and painting – the photography and craft side offer different challenges, but also are something I can do at home when Small Son is in bed.

I’m also hoping to squeeze in a trip to the gallery in Manchester this week, as I feel like I need to be inspired and remember what I’m aiming towards every time I pick up a paintbrush. To my shame, it’s probably about 2 years since I’ve visited a big gallery – I usually struggle to justify it to myself as a valid use of work time, but I also need some materials from the rather wonderful Fred Aldous shop, so it’d be very rude not to call in. All in all, a busy but fun week, I’m just hoping it all goes to plan!